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Errors at random when trying to print greek alphabets in Matlab 2020a

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v = 2;
text1=['(', num2str(v,'%.0f'), ', ', num2str(v,'%.0f'), ')', '\mum'];
These seem to work at random times and print the title without parsing the symbols at others. Could someone please help me understand/suggest what I have missed?

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Ayush Gupta
Ayush Gupta on 7 Sep 2020
The program seems to run fine and produces no errors for even around 20 runs. Look at some examples on how to use Greek Letters and Special Characters in Char Text here.
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Revati Deshpande
Revati Deshpande on 14 Sep 2020
Thanks, Ayush!
Are there any interpreter default settings that might need tweaking/ any other functions that might not be able to interpret correctly?
I'm sorry the problem definition seems so vague, but I am not doing anything extra-ordinary - just getting some values from reading a table and plotting them out.

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