How can I access MS SQL Server from MATLAB web application

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I am trying to connect to a MS SQL Server with success when using this code:
datasource = "NAME";
username = "xxx";
password = "yyy";
conn = database(datasource,username,password);
However, when i wnat to specify connection details to be able to connect from a deployed web application I get en error
databasename = "NAME";
username = "xxx";
password = "yyy";
driver = "";
url = "jdbc:sqlserver://localhost:1433;databaseName=NAME";
javaaddpath('C:\Microsoft SQL server\sqljdbc_8.4\enu\mssql-jdbc-8.4.1.jre8.jar');
conn = database(databasename,username,password,driver,url);
This is the error I get
Error using database (line 59)
Unmatched parameter name '' must be a string scalar or character vector
that can represent a field name.

Answers (1)

Tamir Suliman
Tamir Suliman on 1 Sep 2020
Edited: Tamir Suliman on 1 Sep 2020
you could attempt to remove that line making sure data source is specified if I m reading the matlab documentation correctly or use ' instead of "





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