Error in PIL testing using Arduino

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I am trying to run PIL simulation of a subsystem on an Arduino Uno board. I have created the PIL block but on running the simulation, I get the following error:
Data type "double" is not supported for SIL or PIL execution with the current target configuration. This is because the host size (8 bytes) and target size (4 bytes) do not match. To avoid this error, do not use this data type at the component interface.
In my controller there are certain blocks which require "double" data type(dq0 to abc). Is there a way to run the test?

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Arun Kumar
Arun Kumar on 3 Sep 2020
Hi Piyush,
Double datatype is not supported for AVR targets. Either remove double datatype from your model or use some other targets like SAM(Arduino due) or SAMD(Arduino MKR1000/MKR1010/MKRZero).
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piyush Pandey
piyush Pandey on 3 Sep 2020
Yes I figured out the problem and canged the model accordingly.

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