Generating FMCW Tx chirp

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marwa mohamed
marwa mohamed on 31 Aug 2020
Edited: Alan Moses on 2 Sep 2020
Dear all,
i need a help, how can i generate the transmitted FMCW chirp with the following parameters:
fc= 77e9;
c = 3e8;
lambda= FMCW.c/FMCW.fc;
res= 1; % range resolution for 1 meter
T_cycle= 40e-3; % radar system cycle [s]
BW = range2bw(SETTINGS.FMCW.res,SETTINGS.FMCW.c); % sweep bandwidth
max_range= 200;
T_sweep= 12.8e-6; % sweep time
sweep_slope=BW / T_sweep; % slope [Hz/s]
T_id = 31.2e-6; % idle time per sweep/ramp [s] (sig.T_sw/10)
T_total = T_sweep + T_id; % total sweep time [s]
N_sweep = 256; % number of sweeps/ramps (how many the sequence we send out, defines also the velocity res)
N_seq = 1; % number of sequences (of N_sw ramps each)
N_sweep_total = sig.N_sw*sig.N_seq; % total number of sweeps
N_samp_per_ramp = 1/2*1024; % number of fast-time samples (ADC samples per ramp) (how many samples per ramp)
max_speed= 230*1000/3600; % max speed of 230Km/h
fd_max= speed2dop(2*SETTINGS.FMCW.max_speed); % doppler shift
fb_max= SETTINGS.FMCW.fr_max * SETTINGS.FMCW.fd_max; % max beat freq
Fs= max(2*fb_max,SETTINGS.FMCW.BW); % sample freq
Ts= 1/SETTINGS.FMCW.Fs; % sample rate
Thanks in advance!

Answers (1)

Alan Moses
Alan Moses on 2 Sep 2020
Edited: Alan Moses on 2 Sep 2020
You can refer the Automotive Adaptive Cruise Control Using FMCW Technology example to model the FMCW Transmitter chirp. Hope this helps!


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