using los2 function

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hegel on 30 Aug 2020
Commented: hegel on 31 Oct 2020
I'm using los2 to determine if a user that may be located on the surface of "the earth" or at altitude is in line-of-sight to a satellite orbiting earth.
I use los2 like this:
Z = zeros(181,361); %altitude profile (no altitude)
R = georefpostings([-90 90], [-180 180], size(Z)); %all arround
vis = los2(Z,R,lat1,lon1,lat2,lon2,alt1,alt2)
My question is:
  • What earth model does los2 uses? (wgs84? or just a circunference with earth's radius?)
I'd like to make sure it uses wgs84, and if doesn't if there is a way to do it?
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hegel on 31 Oct 2020
thank you for your help!

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Accepted Answer

Ayush Gupta
Ayush Gupta on 2 Sep 2020
In los2 function, a sphere is used with a default readius of 63701000 meters. It’s not possible to request use of an ellipsoid in los2. But if we replace wgs84Ellipsoid in the aer2geofetic calls with
everything will work out fine. Refer to the documentation of los2 to see how referenceEllipsoid can be used with that to calculate line-of-sight with different reference ellipsoids.

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