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exporting data from bulk analysis (function/script in a loop)

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I have a series of txt files from which I need to analyse the variables using a script. I am able to get the analysis in the display. however I wanted to save the data in a single txt or excel file where I get the filename and the generated data.
lets say
each txt file has two columns with A and corresponding value of B in same row
then get C= A+B, D=A-B, E= A*B
for each file I analyse in the loop I get C,D,E.
I need to save the value of C,D,E generated from each txt file in an excel sheet with headers
txt file name ValueC ValueD ValueE

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Ayush Gupta
Ayush Gupta on 31 Aug 2020
If the format of the data to be exported is a table then writetable can be used. For guidance on how to use the function, refer to the documentation.

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