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How can I insert a square root in y-axis of curve ?

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Please see the program and rectify the sqrt .
FVF = [0.86;0.89; 0.92 ; 0.95]*100;
teta_r = [3.17; 3.29; 3.41; 3.53];
figure (8)
plot(FVF,teta_r,'gx-','Linewidth', 2)
xlabel ( 'FVF (%)')
ylabel ('\theta (10^-3 C/m sqrt(kg))')


MaHa on 27 Aug 2020
Good question, I don't know is the sqrt symbol is native (maybe by importing some latex ones), but you can use brackets {} and exponents form only
ylabel ('\theta (10^{-3} C.m^{-1}.kg^{1/2})')
Not sure if your kg unit is above or below the units fraction, add a - to adjust

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Accepted Answer

J. Alex Lee
J. Alex Lee on 27 Aug 2020
You can use latex
ylabel('$$\theta \quad \left(10^{-3} \mathrm{C/m} \sqrt{\mathrm{kg}}\right)$$','Interpreter','latex')
also see


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