Producing a distribution for categorical data

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cwj2000 on 25 Aug 2020
Commented: cwj2000 on 25 Aug 2020
I am relatively new to MATLAB, and to this point have been following tutorials slowly and effectively although came unstuck today.
In the following video, at around 37:00
the presenter uses the data he is extracted to produce a distribution. However as I understand it, my matlab package does not allow for the use of the function 'mpgdistribution()'. I don't fully understand how this function has been formed. I am looking for an alternative way of producing the same plot. I am capable of producing a histogram for MPG, but am unable to separate the data into two different distributions based on their category, (City/Highway).
Using R, I would use GGPlot. However, after around an hour of googling, Ive found no alternative.

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Abdolkarim Mohammadi
Abdolkarim Mohammadi on 25 Aug 2020
Edited: Abdolkarim Mohammadi on 25 Aug 2020
You can find all of the files in the video at the end of the discription, including mpgdistribution(). It basically contains codes to fit the Normal distribution to the data and draw some figures. It contains functions like fitdist() for distribution fitting and pdf() for probability density function, which requires Statistics and Machine Learning toolbox. You couldn't find documentation for mpgdistribution() because it is not a standard MATLAB library.
cwj2000 on 25 Aug 2020
Yes, I had understood what MPG was referring to, and was therefore confused how the function came about. Thanks for all your help

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