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MATLAB support for additional graph distance metrics/norms?

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I am attempting to compute the "shortest path tree" on a weighted graph but I need to use a different distance metric than usual. Rather than compute the distance along a path as the sum of the edge weights, I want to compute the distance as the maximum weight of the edges. This would be akin to using the infinity-norm instead of the one-norm.
After doing some research, it appears that MATLAB does not support this capability in its graph class. Rather, it only supports distance being calculated by the one-norm. Would you consider this for inclusion in a future MATLAB update? Can you recommend any work-arounds?
Thanks very much for your help!

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Ayush Gupta
Ayush Gupta on 26 Aug 2020
There is no specific function in MATLAB to incorporate various distance metrics while calculating shortest paths between two nodes. However, you can calculate all possible paths between two nodes and can refer this. After that we can iterate through the paths and find the maximum of each path. Lastly, we can compare these maximum and get the desired path.
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David Mittiga
David Mittiga on 26 Aug 2020
Thanks for your reply! I have come up with a more efficient method for calculating the tree desired. I may post it to the file exchange.

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