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How can I hide a subsystem in External mode?

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Stanislav Aranovskiy
Stanislav Aranovskiy on 20 Aug 2020
I want to provide to my students a baseline solution as a black box in their Simulink model: they can simulate it to see results, but they cannot look inside to see the exact solution. Normally I would use a protected reference model, it perfectly fits the requirements. But this year I have to do it when we use an external hardware. I.e., we run the model with Simulink Desktop Real-Time in External mode, and thus I cannot use protected models.
Is there any other way to hide the internals of the baseline solution block? E.g., protect it with a password, obsfrucate it, or any other idea?

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Urmila Rajpurohith
Urmila Rajpurohith on 25 Aug 2020
Hi Stanislav
As of now, protected models is not supported for external mode. I have heard that this issue is known and the concerned parties may be investigating further.
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Stanislav Aranovskiy
Stanislav Aranovskiy on 25 Aug 2020
Thank you for the answer!
Yes, I understand that protected models are not available and hopefully will be available in future releases. But is there a way to "hide" the content of my subsystem runing in the External mode in the current R2020a?

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