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I am currently using Matlab 2019b version. How do I enable the GPU on my laptop for certain image processing applications like Fuzzy Connected adaptive segmentation(Not deep learning where we get a promt if we want to switch from CPU to the GPU)?

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The system is becoming too slow when I tried to execute the Fuzzy connected adaptive segmentation algorithm and it kept on executing without an output for almost 8hrs at a stretch for an image size of approx. 1024x1024.
What are the changes to be made in the code ( such as using specific keywords) to ensure that the code executes on the GPU?
I am using a Dell laptop, i7 and the hardware configuration says there are two GPUs? How do I enable them?
Thanks in advance

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Manish Mahalwal
Manish Mahalwal on 20 Aug 2020
Hi Sushma,
As the first step, to run your code on the GPU, you need to have the Parallel Computing Toolbox installed.
You need to use the gpuArray to transfer your data from CPU to GPU. Now, not all the image processing functions accept data from the GPU. The list of the supported functions is available here.
Thirdly, to transfer data back from the GPU to CPU, you can use the gather function.
The results may slightly vary from what you would have got when you execute the same code on CPU completely.
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Sushma TV
Sushma TV on 18 Sep 2020
Further on the same doubt of being able to use the GPU on my laptop..I have an AMD Radeon R7 M270 GPU..Is it possible to use this on Matlab?
Manish Mahalwal
Manish Mahalwal on 18 Sep 2020
Unfortunately AMD GPUs cannot be used to manipulate gpuArray objects. Like Jason mentioned only nVidia GPUs are supported. The types supported by MATLAB are available here.

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