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Force tiledlayout('flow') to layout vertically

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Scott on 16 Aug 2020
Commented: Scott on 20 Aug 2020
The problem I have with tiledlayout('flow') is that it it will often end up arranging the plots in a 2x2 grid, rather than a 4x1.
I understand tiledlayout('flow') tries to keep a 4:3 ratio for plots, but this is not useful for my data.
Tiledlayout(x,1) won't work because I don't know x beforehand.
I had hoped that in the case of tiledlayout(x,1) I could set the GridSize property, but it is read only.
Any suggestions on how to overcome this would be helpful, thank you.


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Accepted Answer

Srivardhan Gadila
Srivardhan Gadila on 20 Aug 2020
Based on the above information and the documentation of tiledlayout & nexttile, for this particular problem you can make use of the 'nexttile(span)' syntax as follows:
% Let the max number tiles are maxTiles = 1000 (>>n or just >=n)
maxTiles = 1000;
x = linspace(0,30);
n = randi([1 10]);
for i=1:n
nexttile([1 maxTiles])
y = rand(1,numel(x));

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Scott on 20 Aug 2020
Thank you! That does work flawlessly indeed. I did read that documentation before, and I would not have thought to use it in this way.

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