How can I turn plotted line into a 3D surface?

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I have a complex 3D line (spiral-esque) and would like to turn it into a surface. I was wondering if there is any function that might be able to do this or if there is an easier way than the path I'm currently taking (lofting a shape along the line). I'm very bad at coding and so this route isn't working too well. I really wish there was a feature that just converted a line thickness (LineWidth) into a solid or a surface. I'm open to any suggestions.
Jeremy Scholze
Jeremy Scholze on 14 Aug 2020
If you run this code, it should generate the 3D geometry I'm talking about. I just want to make all the lines surfaces.

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Answers (1)

Ayush Gupta
Ayush Gupta on 1 Sep 2020
The surf function can be used to our advantage here. Instead of plot command we can use the following command in the script to get the surface.
For documentation of surf function and exampled on how to use it, refer to this.

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