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what is difference between using hampel filter and filloutliers function using movmedian/movmean method ?

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I wanted a window kind function to detect outliers & replace it with some value. I came across these two functions. It seems that both of them are using similar technique. If the technique are same can we use hampel function inside filloutliers function? If not what is the difference among these two ?
Thank you

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Rajani Mishra
Rajani Mishra on 26 Aug 2020
You can configure filloutliers function to work as hampel function, but hampel function removes outlier using hampel identifier, you can have a look at its input argument it does not provide any other method for detecting outlier or replacing outlier. Whereas filloutliers function supports different methods for detection and replacement of outliers.
About using hampel function inside filloutliers function please refer to this link for learning about the input arguments accepted by filloutliers function:

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