How do you reorder signals in the signal table (signal analyser app)

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As the title asks, it seems like there is funtionality to reorder individual signals inside the table. I would like to be able to have different signals "on top" of others for better visualization.
Clicking and dragging a signal causes a "line" to move around but the signal doesnt follow.

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Frantz Bouchereau
Frantz Bouchereau on 24 Aug 2020
Hi Michael, we currently do not offer a way to reorder signals in the Signal Analyzer table. Thanks for sharing your use case. We will consider it for a future enhancement.
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Michael Marjomaa
Michael Marjomaa on 24 Aug 2020
I end up having to duplicate the signal that I want to have on top of the visualization stack. Its a work around and cumbersome but it gets the job done. Just have to have the forthought to know which signal will cover which signal so to have ones with higher amplitude be lower in the table stack.

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