How to do the following matrix multiplication and division?

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I have Frequency as a 22x1 column vector, and the following equation must produce 22x1 column vector [all other variables are scalars]
Lorentz_Imaginary_conductivity = DC_Conductivity * ((time * Frequency .* (1 - Oscillator_frequency^2 / Frequency.^2)) ...
./ (1 + (time .* Frequency .* (1 - Oscillator_frequency^2 ./ Frequency.^2)).^2));
But instead it gives 22x22 matrix. What is the problem here?

Accepted Answer

jessupj on 12 Aug 2020
(1 - Oscillator_frequency^2 / Frequency.^2))
this slash needs to be a './' or it's interpreted as a matrix inverison... htat's where your 22x22 is coming from
jessupj on 12 Aug 2020
my bad for being sloppy. this is not technically a matrix inversion of course. most control/inverse problem folks that i know conisider 'scalar divided by a vector' an inverison (e.g. of a moment), at least conceputally.

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