How to generate random smooth 2D closed curves/shapes

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I would like to know how can I generate a collection of random 2D closed smooth curves. I thought about generating a random 3D surface with random peaks, and then intersecting the Z=0 plane with it, and extract the largest contour, for example. I just not sure how to do it practically... it is the correct way? I would love to get some guidance.
I am look for a result in this fashion:

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Answers (2)

hosein Javan
hosein Javan on 12 Aug 2020
If you are familiar with bezier curve, you can do it easily by setting random values for points coordinates.

Moreno, M.
Moreno, M. on 15 Apr 2022
The function bspl is creation of my own and is available in these 2 links:
Given a closed Bézier polygon at which the initial and final points are coincident, and the adjacent points to the ends of the curve are colinear, the generated Bézier curve is closed and smooth. If you want your curve not to self-intersect, then your initial set of data points should be the bounding points of a point cloud. If the adjacent points to the end of the curve are equidistant, then your curve has C3 continuity:
tiledlayout(2, 2)
for i = 1 : 4
X = rand(10, 2);
X = X(boundary(X), :);
X(length(X) - 1, :) = 2 * X(1, :) - X(2, :);
X = bspl(X, 1e3);
plot(X(:, 1), X(:, 2))
axis equal




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