talking to USB Relay Module

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steve solomon
steve solomon on 5 Aug 2020
Commented: steve solomon on 11 May 2022
I have a USB relay module
that has an FT245RL onboard running the relays. The drivers are installed correctly, and I can see the board on COM3. I create a serial port object thus:
relay = serialport('COM3',9600,'Parity','none','DataBits',8,'StopBits',1);
but when i try to send a command (e.g. write(relay,1,"uint8")), i get no response. I can run the board usaing a stand-alone app (USB 8 Relay Manager v.1.4.exe), and after i have used that app to toggle the relays, I can then operate hte relays with my matlab code (after closing out the stand alone relay app of course).
So what's going on here?
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Eduard Mauri Rodriguez
Eduard Mauri Rodriguez on 11 May 2022
Hello Steve,
Did you find a solution to the problem? Because I'm currently having the same problem and still haven't found a solution.
Thank you very much,

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Answers (1)

steve solomon
steve solomon on 11 May 2022
ended up writing my own driver, never got it to work with native matlab functions.
steve solomon
steve solomon on 11 May 2022
let me know if that doesnt do the trick and I will dig up the driver so you dont have to reinvent that particular wheel.

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