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How to view a shape file in matlab

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I have a .shp file of the country Ireland.
I read the file into matlab using the code:
S = shaperead('Ireland.shp')
My question is how can I view the map?
I would appreciate it if anybody had the time to show me.
Also, is it possible to overlay GPS data on a file of this type?
Thank you
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alessio grechi
alessio grechi on 18 Oct 2018
Edited: alessio grechi on 18 Oct 2018
ciao. Sei riuscito a far visualizzare la mappa in MatLab?

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Accepted Answer

José-Luis on 24 Dec 2012
doc mapshow
It can be as simple as:
S = shaperead(filename);
As long as you have latitude and longitude, you can plot pretty much anything
doc plotm
John on 24 Dec 2012
Edited: John on 24 Dec 2012
When I use the plot function the point does not appear to be displayed on the map. I can't see it.
Also, I tried the other method, I displayed the map and typed "axesmui" but it says "not a map axis".
Can I ask the question, is the map I have suitable for overlaying latitude and longitude data on it. The axes scales don't seem to be in lat long format. Are they?
Would you know where I could source a suitable map?
What I am trying to do is overlay GPS data from a car on map and reproduce something like this:
I appreciate your help.
José-Luis on 24 Dec 2012
If you are plotting a point, are you sure your Marker is large enough so you can see it, try a large size first
The map you are linking to does not appear to be in lat-long, it looks like UTM.
I don't know where you could find a suitable map, but google can help you. You could also look at worldmap() from Matlab.

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More Answers (2)

John on 25 Dec 2012
Hi Jose,
Thank for your help with this. I managed to get it working in the end. I sourced a better map using your suggestion worldmap().
I have one further question if you don't mind.
I am getting this map using the code below.
ax = worldmap('ireland');
land = shaperead('landareas', 'UseGeoCoords', true);
geoshow(ax, land, 'FaceColor', [0.5 0.7 0.5])
How can I just limit the display to just display between Lat 51-55.5 and long 5-10.5. I just want to display Ireland.
Thank you
Harold Steven Buitrago Segura
Maybe you could use the geolimit function

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Clelia Massarino
Clelia Massarino on 20 Sep 2018
I am having problem displaying the Germany map. My final goal is to have one with the elevation or at least different colors to discern different altitudes. I used the same code of you but it starts running endlessly. Any suggestion?
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Alessandro Mura
Alessandro Mura on 21 Dec 2021
@Clelia Massarino sei riuscito a cambiare i diversi colori della mappa della Germania? se si ti posso chiedere per favore lo script?
ti ringrazio

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