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Change base body of rigid tree robot.

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Mohammad Adinehvand
Mohammad Adinehvand on 30 Jul 2020
Commented: Cristhian Coque on 13 Jun 2023
We have designed a chain-like robot which has two switchable magnets on gripper and base frame. During movement, gripper and base body exchange their functionality. For example(ref to attach file), link 'Magnet01' is base body and 'Magent02' free gripper. At the first step of movement, 'Magent02' will attach to the wall and become base body and 'Magnet01' will be released and become the free gripper
My question is that how we can change the base body in the ridgidTree?
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Cristhian Coque
Cristhian Coque on 13 Jun 2023
Hello, I know this has nothing to do with your question, but I am doing a project similar to what is here, but I can not find documentation on robots that exchange their base with the gripper, I would like to ask you how I can find articles on this subject.

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Answers (1)

Yiping Liu
Yiping Liu on 20 Jan 2021
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Lee Magnusson
Lee Magnusson on 28 Apr 2022
Seemingly this didn't answer the question, which I am now also stuck on. The answer suggests how to translate the base of a robot, not how to invert the robot to select a different body as the base.

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