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John on 22 Dec 2012
I have a question regarding the Spredsheet link EX tool for matlab.
I'm only learning matlab so please bear with with.
I created a fuzzy logic model in Matlab. The model outputs the tip to give to a waiter depending on the the quality of the food, service and atmosphere (all score 1-10) in a restaurant.
If I was to evaluate a set of inputs in matlab I would use this code:
Model = readfis('tipping_model');
evalfis([5 6 8], Model);
My question regards calling this function in excel with the spreadsheet link tool.
Here is an example. I have scores from 1-10 for each of the three inputs in Columns A-C. I would like to evaluate them the in the fuzzy logic model and insert the output in column D.
I would be grateful if anybody has to time to explain how I could do this?
Thank you

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Sarah Wait Zaranek
Sarah Wait Zaranek on 27 Dec 2012
These sections in the documentation should walk you through the basics of using Spreadsheet Link EX.
I would probably start with matlabfcn-



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