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I have a confusion regarding getActionInfo and it not getting the right number of actions from my environment?

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In my RL Environment Code Setup, I want to have two actions, action 1 and action 2 as follows:
ActionInfo = rlFiniteSetSpec([1 2]);
ActionInfo.Name = 'Action 1 or Action 2';
However, when I get action from my environment using the following code:
actInfo = getActionInfo(env)
numActions = actInfo.Dimension(2)
I get that numActions is 2. What should I fix?
P.S: This is what actInfo prints:
Elements: [4×1 double]
Name: "Action 1 or Action 2"
Description: [0×0 string]
Dimension: [1 1]
DataType: "double"

Accepted Answer

Harsha Priya Daggubati
Harsha Priya Daggubati on 31 Jul 2020
I could not reproduce the same at my end, as I get numActions as 1. Could you try the following commands, I suspect it might be due to any changes made at your end.
Try restarting your MATLAB and check again.
Also, what is the release version of MATLAB you are using.
rehash toolbox
rehash toolboxcache
which getActionInfo

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