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Plotting Skymap using Hammer Projection

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I have around 700 points of data, currently in a table, which all have a unix time stamp and an x, y and z position where the location of the MINOS detector (47.82, -92.241667) is the origin (how the data is currently presented is in the image). I need to plot a sort of skymap of these events (I don't think the timestamp is needed for this as it's just plotting in relation to a point on earth). The y-axis is the upwards direction (away from earth) and the z-axis is along the the line between Fermilab (41.831944, -88.257222) and the MINOS detector (x-axis completes the system).
Please can someone provide me with some ideas with how to start plotting these points, I'm very new to MATLAB and I've been going around in circles for days.

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Harsha Priya Daggubati
Harsha Priya Daggubati on 31 Jul 2020
Currently there is no support to plot a skymap in MATLAB. However I can find a file-exchange submission, which I guess might not solve your case but might be used as a reference to code your own way.
Here is the link to it:
Hope this might help!

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