Use nargin/nargout on generated mex Functions

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Stefan on 19 Dec 2012
Answered: Mike Hosea on 27 Mar 2014
I am currently facing the problem that I would like to apply the nargin/nargout function to a mex function I generated.
Usually one can use them in order get the number of inputs/outputs from outside the function. This works for example as follows:
When I use these functions on a generated mex function i get the following error:
>> Error using nargout
>> xyz_coder_mex does not know how to answer nargin/nargout.
Does anyone know a workaround or is it generally not possible to access these parameters of a mex function?
Greetings, Stefan
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Stefan on 19 Dec 2012
I found a workaround:
One can program a wrapper function, which is calling the mex function
function [a,b,c] = xyz_coder_wrapper(d,e,f)
[a,b,c] = xyz_coder_mex(d,e,f)
Thereby one can use its knowledge of the underlying MATLAB/c function

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Mike Hosea
Mike Hosea on 27 Mar 2014
Not sure why this question slipped through unnoticed. I've created an enhancement request to make nargin and nargout work when given a function handle to a MATLAB Coder generated mex file.

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