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How do I extract the right information of a pcap file with pcap2matlab?

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I would like to extract range data from a pcap file generated by a sonar. The pcap file consists of multiple frames that i need to extract.
I tough using the pcap2matlab function would be best suited, however I dont have the proper understanding of wireshare to make this work.
Can anybody help me with getting the desired information so that I can continue with my project?
The pcap file is structured like this:
From this I need the information that is in Range Data and Angles.
The Range Data sub tree looks like this:
And the Angle sub tree like this:
If there is a different way to extract this data other than pcap2matlab I can also use that, so any help is apricated.

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Harsha Priya Daggubati
Harsha Priya Daggubati on 29 Jul 2020


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