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How can I calculate the areas between these two curves?

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Jose Aroca
Jose Aroca on 15 Jul 2020
Commented: Jose Aroca on 26 Jul 2020
I need to calculate both areas A and B that lie between these two curves. The curves are extracted form two text files, which are attatched. The code below shows how the graph is produced.
close all
DM = readtable('FF677-Di01.txt');
plot (DM{:,1},DM{:,2})
hold on
AF = readtable('Alexa Fluor 647 - Em.txt');
plot (AF{:,1},AF{:,2})
A = intersect(DM{:,1}, AF{:,1});
xlim ([500 900])
hold on
AArea = trapz(AF{:,1},AF{:,2});
DMArea = trapz(DM{:,1},DM{:,2});


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Answers (1)

Dinesh Yadav
Dinesh Yadav on 22 Jul 2020
To calculate the area B change the follwing line of code
AArea = trapz(AF{:,1},AF{:,2});
AArea = abs(trapz(AF{:,1},(AF{:,2} - DM{:,2} )));
and to compute area A calculate the area under the AF and subtract AArea from it
DMArea = abs(trapz(AF1{:,1},AF{:,2} - AArea);

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Jose Aroca
Jose Aroca on 26 Jul 2020
Hi. First of allm thank you for your answer. I have tried adding your suggestions but I don't think I get the correct answer. I get an area for B of about 490, when it should be about 20.5, and therefore the area calculated for A is also wrong. I am not sure how to correct this.

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