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How to loop the If statement for the following Maple code in MATLAB?

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I am trying to convert Maple code to MATLAB and the old Maple coding closes if statement with fi: in Maple. How to close the below statements in MATLAB?
if(evalf(subs('x=XCEN,y=YCEN,z=ZCEN',f1ineq))<TOL) then
elements(EL_NUM)=1 fi;
if(evalf(subs('x=XCEN,y=YCEN,z=ZCEN',f2ineq))<TOL) then
elements(EL_NUM)=2 fi;
if(evalf(subs('x=XCEN,y=YCEN,z=ZCEN',f3ineq))<TOL) then
elements(EL_NUM)=3 fi;
if(evalf(subs('x=XCEN,y=YCEN,z=ZCEN',f4ineq))<TOL) then
elements(EL_NUM)=4 fi;
od: od: od;
Thank You!!


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