How to create a custom damper component on Simscape

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I am trying to create a custom damper for a Quarter of Vehicle Simscape model on Simulink. I am currently using a Force Source and connecting my force signal by means of a Simulink to PS converter. The problem is that I need the deflection velocity calculated by the same model in order to produce a certain damping force. Hence, I run into a Algebraic Loop issue, which I have not been able to resolve.
I would like to create a custom damper if possible, which I could just connect in place of a regular damper on Simscape.
Thank you for the help!!

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Arnaud Miege
Arnaud Miege on 17 Apr 2011
I assume you have something like this:
Going in and out of Simulink causes the algebraic loop. Instead try using the PS Look-up Table (1D) as in:
Using physical signals and staying within the Simscape network will avoid algebraic loop and should get rid of your problem. Make sure to use data in m/s and N for the PS Look-up table.
Arnaud Miege
Arnaud Miege on 18 Apr 2011
Not really. You can use the Simscape language to create a custom component, but you'll still be relying on physical look-up tables. If you can upload a copy of your model on a filesharing site, I can maybe be more specific.

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