How to add histogram to series of scattered plot on the same plot?

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I would like to add hitogram for each scatter plot.
The code below plots in different color each slice of 3 dim scatter matrix.
I would like to replace 'scatter' with 'scatterhist' but the code does not work anymore.
n = [1:1:10]; % X
m = [1:1:3]; % Y
z1 = rand(1,20);
z2 = rand(1,20);
zr1 = reshape(z1,1,1,[]); % Z
zr2 = reshape(z2,1,1,[]); % Z
F1 = meshgrid(n,m).*zr1; %XYZ
F2 = meshgrid(n,m).*zr2; %XYZ
C = jet(length(n))
for en = 1:length(n)
for pll = 1:length(m)
scatter(reshape(F1(pll,en,:),1,[]),reshape(F2(pll,en,:),1,[]),[],C(en,:)); % ? scatterhist
hold on
hold off

Accepted Answer

Tommy on 13 Jul 2020
scatterhist() uses different syntax than scatter(). It seems like you need to enter all the data at once, as vectors, and then use a grouping variable. Try this:
groups = repelem(1:numel(n), numel(z1)*numel(m));
scatterhist(reshape(permute(F1,[3 1 2]),[],1), reshape(permute(F2,[3 1 2]),[],1),...
'Group', groups(:),...
'Color', C);

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