Time-Varying constraint over the prediction horizon in run time on SImulink

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Giulio Borrello
Giulio Borrello on 10 Jul 2020
Commented: dekun wang on 7 Jun 2021
Goodmorning to everyone,
I'm trying to explore the possibility to change the MO constraints over the prediction horizon in run time (for example by passing a (N _predhor by N_MO) vector ate te input port ymin and ymax). My model is a simple double integrator and for that reason i'm using the Simulink block 'MPC Controller' (on Matlab 2018b). From the reference page :
seems that it is possible. But when i use a (N _predhor x N_MO) vector simulink returns me this error:
Error in port widths or dimensions. The signal connected to the "ymax" port of the "simul/Longitudinal MPC" block must be a row or column vector signal with 2 elements.
Can anyone help me ?

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dekun wang
dekun wang on 18 May 2021
I have the same question and waiting for an answer for too long

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