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satendra kumar
satendra kumar on 8 Dec 2012
Hi guys, I have a image of a fractured bone x-ray. I want to measure the length of the fracture. How can i do that? I used "imdistline" but it gave me pixels only. Is there any trick to do that. Please have a look on image here
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 8 Dec 2012
What result were you hoping for, if not pixels?
If you were hoping for a result in physical units such as millimeters, then do you have some kind of physical reference, such as a ruler in the image?

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 9 Dec 2012
Multiply that distance in pixels by the spatial calibration factor that you calculated in units of mm per pixel. Use imdistline() on a known length, such as an aluminum plate, then get the factor
mmPerPixel = distanceInMM / distance; % distance comes from imdistline()
Then whenever you measure a distance in pixels again, use that calibration factor:
newDistanceInMm = distanceInPixels * mmPerPixel;
distanceInPixels can come from imdistline(), improfile(), regionprops(), or some other way. I hope that solves your problem. It works for me and is the only way it's done in MATLAB as far as I know, so it should work for you too. I hope you say it does when you reply promptly.

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