custom library I created for arduino cannot be run through matlab

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Hi, whenever I try to run my program for a gas sensor. An error message comes up:
ExampleAddon/MQ3Uni is ad addon library Icreated in Matlab. However, when I create a pragram with this library I get the error below. I would like to recieve help on this. I tried the insructions given on Arduino Hardware Troubleshooting. However, I did not get solution to the problem.

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Nishant Gupta
Nishant Gupta on 10 Jul 2020
Can you please try this workaround and see if it is working or not. First see if arduino object can be created without using custom libraries.
Run the following command to see if this works fine:
a = arduino('COM3','Uno', 'TraceOn',true);
If this works fine, create arduino object with custom library and have trace on:
arduinoObj = arduino('COM3','Uno','Libraries','ExampleAddon/MQ3Uni','ForceBuild',true,'TraceOn',true);
This will give you debug information and upload errors of Arduino IDE at the MATLAB command window. There are some common possible causes of the error. Depending on what you see in your trace log, try the one that applies as follows:
Hasiru Wijesuriya
Hasiru Wijesuriya on 11 Jul 2020
Howver, now I get this huge error message. Also, where can you down load the cpp and matlab wrapper files for 'ForceBuild' and 'TraceOn'.

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