How to access every alternate field of sldvData structure?

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I have this structure sldvData..I want to access the fields in an alternate manner using 2 vars..var1 should access slPath, sfObjNum and designSid
var2 should access sfObjType and sid in every iteration inside one loop only. Please help somebody!!!!!

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Gaganjyoti Baishya
Gaganjyoti Baishya on 30 Jun 2020
From what I understood from your description is you want to loop over the fields of sldvData struct. And for every iteration you want the current and next field of the sldvData.
fields = fieldnames(sldvData);
for i=1:2:numel(sldvData)
var1 = sldvData.fields{i}; %gives slPath, sfObjNum and designSid
if i+1 <= numel(sldvData)
var2 = sldvData.fields{i+1}; %gives other two

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