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Converting nested "summary" structure to table

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Flynn McGuire
Flynn McGuire on 24 Jun 2020
Commented: Flynn McGuire on 25 Jun 2020
I'm trying to convert a nested structure (full of table summaries) back into a table.
filled with
I have tried using Nested2tables but I don't think it will work given the single the nested structure.
Is there any way to create a table of the summary data while keeping the fieldnames from BOTH structures?
Thank you!


Sindar on 25 Jun 2020
So, are you expecting a table like this?
table_name size Type ...
Days_from_development [118,1] 'double' ...
HIV [52,3] 'string' ...

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Accepted Answer

Sindar on 25 Jun 2020
Edited: Sindar on 25 Jun 2020
Here's the loop version. There may be another way, but I didn't have any luck fighting with Matlab's tricky multiple-cell return behaviour
% create minimal test structure
mystruct.Days_from_development = struct('size',[118,1],'Type','double');
mystruct.HIV = struct('size',[52,3],'Type','string');
% get a list of all the fieldnames (i.e. substructures, i.e. names of tables)
table_names = fieldnames(mystruct);
% loop over substructures
for ind=1:length(table_names)
% get the string for each substructure's name
tmp = table_names{ind};
% dump the substructure to a table row
% by turning it into a 1xN cell array and putting the substructure string as the first cell
mytable(ind,:) = cell2table([{tmp} struct2cell(mystruct.(tmp))']);
% rename the table variables appropriately
mytable.Properties.VariableNames = [{'table_name'};fieldnames(mystruct.(tmp))]


Sindar on 25 Jun 2020
(this method is not particularly stable. If you have fields that are not all matching substructures, it will error)
Flynn McGuire
Flynn McGuire on 25 Jun 2020
Unfortunatley I do have feilds that don't match. But this works well for everything else. Thank you!

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