Opening a figure saved in .fig with several plots and working on them separately

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I have figures saved in .fig with several images on them. I am trying to open them and draw cross sections with improfile on the same pixels for each image and then plot the cross sections. In other words, once we open a figure that contains several subplots with openfig, how can we work on each subplot separately? And treat the different plots (images in my case) as different objects.
Does anyone know how to do that?
The easy way would be to run my simulations again and save the images differently but that's a lot of files to save...

Answers (1)

Tommy on 23 Jun 2020
You could obtain handles to each of the axes within your figure and go from there:
fig = openfig('myfig.fig');
ax_handles = findall(fig, 'Type', 'Axes');
You can then access the image(s) contained within each axes, e.g.:
im1 = findall(ax_handles(1), 'Type', 'Image'); % image(s) within first set of axes


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