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Interface with 'inputdlg'-MATLAB

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Margarida Chiote
Margarida Chiote on 13 Jun 2020
I want to process a signal by applying a filter. I wanted the user to select the file and some filter parameters. For that I produced the following code, and the file selection does't work. Do you know any fuction that I can implement here to read the file?
SV1=uigetfile('*.mat','Select Input File'); %select the file
sampleRate = inputdlg('Select Sample Rate'); %select Sample Rate
lowEnd = inputdlg('Select lowEnd'); %select lowEnd
highEnd = inputdlg('Select highEnd'); %select highEnd
filterOrder = inputdlg('Select filterOrder');%select filterOrder
O1_1 = SV1(:,9);
[b, a] = butter(filterOrder, [lowEnd highEnd]/(sampleRate/2)); % Generate filter coefficients
SSV1_1 = filtfilt(b, a, O1_1); %filtered signal
matlab filter parameters interface

Answers (1)

Harsha Priya Daggubati
Harsha Priya Daggubati on 16 Jun 2020
What do you mean by fileselection is not working? I can see you are accessing 9th column from the file read, what is the issue you are facing?
'uigetfile' allows you to select files at a specified location. You can look at the following documentation page:

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