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How do I change the size of subplots in stackedplot

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I am trying to plot a series of related data together (sharing the same x-axis). Most sets of the data cover a very similar y range (0-1), but one of the data sets cover a comparably larger range (0-2). I desire each plot to be on its own y-axis, but with a shared x-axis, but I'd like the size of each subplot to match the total y-range that the respective data covers. So my script looks something like:
data1_raw = rand(11,1);
data1_fit = repmat(mean(data1_raw),11,1);
data2_raw = 2*rand(11,1);
data2_fit = repmat(mean(data2_raw),11,1);
t = table(data1_raw,data1_fit,data2_raw,data2_fit);
s = stackedplot(t,{{'data1_raw','data1_fit'},{'data2_raw','data2_fit'}});s.AxesProperties.plot_start = [0 0.33] %set the start position of each sub plot
What I get from this is the below plot:
What I want is this plot:
jessupj on 9 Jun 2020
basically, you'd do this via:
subplotX = @(m,n,p) subtightplot (m, n, p, [0.01 0.05], [0.1 0.01], [0.1 0.01]);
% plot first fig...
subplotX(3,1,[2 3])
% plot second fig...
David Duncan
David Duncan on 15 Jun 2020
That does indeed look like a good solution to my problem, thank you. Shame there doesn't appear to be any flexibility with the Mathwork's stackedplot though.

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Answers (2)

Ayush Gupta
Ayush Gupta on 12 Jun 2020
MATLAB has hold on feature which allows to plot multiple graphs on the same figure. Refer to the following link to know more about hold on:
A Use case example:
hold on
hold off
jessupj on 12 Jun 2020
this isn't a question about plotting multiple data on a common axis; it is a question about sizing of subplots
David Duncan
David Duncan on 15 Jun 2020
Edited: David Duncan on 15 Jun 2020
I would argue it is about plotting multiple data on the same X-axis, but different Y-axis and being able to control the respective sizes of the y-axes, but it can indeed be achieved by resizing subplots and simply making sure that the limits of each x-axis are the same.
(But indeed it is not a "hold" issue).

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Adam Danz
Adam Danz on 19 Nov 2020
Edited: Adam Danz on 12 May 2021
You can get the axis handles of stackedplot using the undocumented NodeChildren property. Use flipud to set the axis handles in order of the axes as they appear in the plot. Then resize the axes as usual.
However, resizing the figure triggers a listener that resets the axes to their original positions. I haven't looked for the listener but perhaps a workaround would be to set the figure's SizeChangedFcn to restore the custom axes positions. Or, consider using stackedaxes from the file exchange.
s = stackedplot(1:50, rand(50,2));
ax = flipud(findobj(s.NodeChildren, 'Type','Axes'));
ax(1).Position([2,4]) = [.7, .12];
ax(2).Position(4) = .57;


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