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How to create an editable map on thingspeak?

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Hey, so I made an app on app designer that reads and writes data to a thingspeak channel. So what I want to do is make a filed on my thingspeak channel that is going to be a map, I want to upload my latitude and logitude data to that map and plot the points. I have been looking for a long time and all I can find was the channel location, but I don't want that, I want to plot multiple points when I click the upload button on my app designer. Any idea on how to do that?
Mostafa Ibrahim
Mostafa Ibrahim on 3 Jun 2020
Okay, so I was able to make the map and to plot it I first uploaded latitude and longitude to a filed in my channel and then made a matlab Visualizations that reads the latitude and longitude from those fields then plots the map. My problem now is that it doesn't automatically update, I have to go in manually and lick save and run for it to plot it, is there anyway for it to auto update?
this is my code,
readChannelID = channelId;
fieldID1 = 2;
fieldID2 = 3;
readAPIKey = 'APiKey';
%% Read Data %%
% Read first data variable
[data1, time1] = thingSpeakRead(readChannelID, 'Field', fieldID1, 'NumPoints', 30, 'ReadKey', readAPIKey);
% Read second data variable
[data2, time2] = thingSpeakRead(readChannelID, 'Field', fieldID2, 'NumPoints', 30, 'ReadKey', readAPIKey);
gx = geoaxes;
Edgar Baal
Edgar Baal on 9 Aug 2021
Can you explain me how i work with this code? I also uploaded my Longitude an Latitude to ThingSpeak but now i dont know how to proceed. I dont know how to implement the map in my ThingSpeak channel and i also dont know how what i should do with the code you provided for us.
I am very thankful for every kind of assistance

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Accepted Answer

Vinod on 3 Jun 2020
If you have a paid license of ThingSpeak, you can enable the "Auto Update" checkbox on the MATLAB visualization that will cause the visualization to be automatically updated up to once every 5 minutes.
If you don't have a paid license, you will need to manually refresh your browser page every 5 minutes (or less frequently) to have the map updated.

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Alx Grm
Alx Grm on 29 Mar 2021
Hello i would like to make something similar to what you did but can you please explain how you made the matlab visualization and where to use that code?
Thank you.


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