input for function drawgraph(coords)

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Amanda on 16 Nov 2012
There is an example function in MATLAB which is the following:
function drawgraph(coords)
plot(coords(1,:), coords(2,:));
My input is:
coords = [1 2 3; 4 5 6]
but I'm receiving an error?"
What is the purpose of this function?
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Akiva Gordon
Akiva Gordon on 16 Nov 2012
What is the error message that you are seeing? And where are you finding this example? This is not a built-in MATLAB function.

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Matt Fig
Matt Fig on 16 Nov 2012
Are you talking about the function on this page?
There is more to the function that you show! So please, tell the whole story, including the exact text of the error message and how you call the function.

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