Passing data between two different GUI windows

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I am a beginner with MATLAB GUIs. I have two GUI figure windows. I want to transfer data from a textbox in the first GUI figure to another second GUI figure & want to use that data in second GUI figure.

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Matt Fig
Matt Fig on 12 Apr 2011
Assuming you are using GUIDE to generate your GUIs, you can simply use the tag of the editbox in the first GUI to find it in the second GUI. For example, from within the second GUI callback use:
nur ilham
nur ilham on 6 Mar 2013
hye. can I ask what should i put in the 'tag' at the H = findall(0,'tag','editbox1tag');

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Ned Gulley
Ned Gulley on 12 Apr 2011
Here's a tricky non-Guide way to do it. Change the data in the text box and press return to plot the data in figure 2.
% Make figure 1
f1 = figure('Name','Window 1');
% Make figure 2
f2 = figure('Name','Window 2');
% Make the axes in figure 2
a2 = axes('Parent',f2);
% Create a plot function (uses anonymous function syntax)
plotf = @() plot(findobj('Type','axes','Parent',f2),str2num(get(gcbo,'String')));
% Create the edit box
u1 = uicontrol(f1, ...
'Style','edit', ...
'String','[1 2 4 3 5]', ...


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