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Federico Manfrin
Federico Manfrin on 26 May 2020
Starting from this amazing page:
1) I would like to use "calculate performance curve of BLDC" but the comand "ee_bldc_ideal_input_performance_curves" doesn't work in r2019a.
Should be possible to get the example for older version? I think the project don't use any r2020a new functionality, or at least, it should be nice to have a older version working example
2)I'd like to open a model and change the motor parameter to meet my motor size, but as I try to save as the project some example rise an error because .. I don't have a stateflow licence!!! This is because there are a little piece of timing in stateflow in the examples. Should be possible to get a state flow free version of the examples?
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Federico Manfrin
Federico Manfrin on 26 May 2020
For ehm .. "example" :-) type ee_ipmsm_velocity_control .. this run in 2019a.
If I want to change the IPMSM with a PMSM, I can't because the stateflow license missing :-(

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Nishant Gupta
Nishant Gupta on 29 May 2020
Example "Calculate performance curve of BLDC" is created using R2020a version of MATLAB, so it will not work on R2019a.
Other thing is the examples which you are trying to run requires Stateflow license, that is why you are getting that error.
What I suggest is, you can download the 30-days free trial version of Stateflow using the following link:
and later on you can buy the license as per your requirement.
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Federico Manfrin
Federico Manfrin on 9 Jun 2020
I'm going to re-write the stateflow small piece of code ..

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