i need to have a variable which i can access into and assign to during the simulation in simulink. any suggestions please?

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i am implementing a motion planning algorithm in simulink, I have to collect the successful nodes in a multi dimensional array on the go during simulation and also be able to access the nodes. Currently the only options i came across are
  1. Initializing, lets say 500x2 array in matlab workspace,then use it as a initial value in data store memory block in simulink. I also declared the data store memory block as global so that i can access it into other function's work space. Every time i want to add a node i read the data store memory value and then write into it by assignment from a matlab function block.
  2. using persistent variables within the scope of matlab function blocks.
I am still trying to implement the above two ideas. But i am a bit skeptic and i am seeking some experts advice here for better options.
Also, I will be generating vehicle waypoints which will be an array of size nx2 at every iteration which i need to store somewhere accessible during simulation. If not the whole array at least the end point of the waypoint array, i need to be able to use for every next iteration (as the rest of the waypoint array values can be written to matlab workspace which i can access after the simulation is complete).
When i implemented the algorithm in .m script file i used cell array to store the array of waypoints generated at every iteration.

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Nishant Gupta
Nishant Gupta on 26 May 2020
You can use 'To workspace' block, it might help you. Refer to the following link for its documentation:
giridhar vitta-bukka
giridhar vitta-bukka on 4 Jun 2020
hello again :) please feel free to correct me if i am missing something or in the wrong direction. Thanks alot in advance

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