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Hopefully simple UIButtonGroup question

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Jason on 7 Nov 2012
I created a UIButtonGroup and instantiated several radiobuttons. I'm using the SelectionChangeFcn callback properly for the radiobuttons and it works as expected except for an annoying issue.
When I click on a button, I want it to do something, which it does the first time I click that button. If that button is already selected and I want to repeat that action I should just click on that same button again...right? Wrong. Once that button is selected, I have to click on another button in the group then select the previously selected button. I basically want the callback to fire if I select the same button over and over again.
Any ideas? Thanks, Jason

Accepted Answer

Milos on 7 Nov 2012
After the code execution set off by pushing a radio button, add the code:
set(get(handles.uipanel1, 'SelectedObject'), 'Value', 0);
From a user interface point, it looks like you would be better served by plain old push buttons. Radio buttons in a panel operate like switches - once it's on, to come back to "on" state, it has to be in "off" state first.

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Christine on 7 Nov 2012
You could try to set the Value-property of your button to 'Min' at the end of the routine it is running:
Such it should be ready to be pressed again after it did his job.

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