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Deployed matlab app not displaying on localhost

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Jonas Fuhrmann
Jonas Fuhrmann on 20 May 2020
Answered: Qun HAN on 5 Jun 2020
Info: I am using Windows-10 64 Bit and Matlab 2020a.
I wanted to test the deployment of a matlab web-app. I did these steps:
  1. I created the tutorial Matlab app that displays different amplitude values.
  2. I packaged the app and created the .ctf file.
  3. I installed the Matlab Web App Server.
  4. In the installation process I installed the Matlab Runtime (9.8).
  5. I registered the Server Service and Worker Service.
  6. I copied my .ctf File in the Matlab web app folder
  7. I started the Server
On localhost:9998 the web app is showing. The Diagnostics say that the Status is OK. But when clicking on the app nothing is loading and Chrome is waiting for localhost.
I have attached my log files for the web app server but I want to highlight these error messages because they may be relevant.
00000009 2020-05-20 16:17:02 0x00000a90 cppmicroservices::install W file not found: D:\Matlab2020a WebAppServer\v98\bin\win64\agent_plugins\http_authenticators
I another logfile I found the following error:
00000034 2020-05-20 16:15:45 0x00000b64 agent::processcontrol::err E processID=3f2dfc97-3429-4255-9533-3913907de8d5, out=Error connecting to Send failure: Connection was reset
I reinstalled the Matlab Web Server and the Matlab Runtime but this did not fix my errors. I also tried to allow these programs in the windows firewall with no effect.

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