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C.G. on 20 May 2020
Edited: C.G. on 20 May 2020
I have a code which tracks a series of footballs in a video.
I have found the coordinates for the balls in the video, and now I am trying to crop each of the larger images using the x and y coordinates of the balls.
However when I run the code to sub-image this, I get the error that indexing must appear last in an indexing expression. Can anybody help me solve this?
% Identify and track the particles for frames 1 and 2
for k = 1:numFrames;
%binarize frames 1 and 2 from the video (using rgb2gray)
frame_1 = rgb2gray(read(obj,k+start_frame-1));
frame_2 = rgb2gray(read(obj,k+start_frame));
%identify the circles in frames 1 and 2 with radii between the defined min and max
circles_1 =imfindcircles(frame_1,[min_radius,max_radius],'Sensitivity',quality,'Method','TwoStage');
circles_2 =imfindcircles(frame_2,[min_radius,max_radius],'Sensitivity',quality,'Method','TwoStage'); %returns the indicies of the closest points in the 2 vectors
% identifies where each circle has moved between frames 1 and 2
[index,dist] = dsearchn(circles_2,circles_1);
% here we have the distances not in order
% assign the circles from frames 1 and 2 to x and y coordinate variables
x_1{k} = circles_1(:,1);
x_2{k} = circles_2(index,1);
y_1{k} = circles_1(:,2);
y_2{k} = circles_2(index,2);
%% Crop frames 1 and 2 into sub-images from the coordinates of the circles
r = 10;
for k = 1:numFrames
%subimage the balls in frames 1 and 2 by shrinking them to the coordinates of the balls
subframe1 = frame_1(round(y_1)-r:round(y_1)+r)(round(x_1)-r:round(x_1)+r);
subframe2 = frame_2(round(y_2)-r:round(y_2)+r,round(x_2)-r:round(x_2)+r);
Error: ()-indexing must appear last in an index expression.
C.G. on 20 May 2020
Great, thank you that has worked.

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