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model to create V2X applications

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Is this toolbox is not available in Matlab2020a version?, i want to create a model for V2X scenario ,can anybody suggest me which alternative is best suited for me .

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Sriram Tadavarty
Sriram Tadavarty on 18 May 2020
Hi Prateek,
For a quick start, in terms of LTE based sidelink V2X communications, at the L1-L3 link-level, the LTE Toolbox has comprehensive and detailed modelling functionality.
See the C-V2X section of the Toolbox product webpage for more info:
You can even look over the file exchange submissions with 802.11p ubx-v2x.
Hope this helps.
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prateek bhadauria
prateek bhadauria on 20 May 2020
Thank you Sriram for your kind response ,
Actually i want to make a model in terms of 5G NR based V2X model may be ubx-v2x is useful for me .

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