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Fixing errors to run an electric vehicle simulation

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Being a begginer, I'm trying to simulate an electric vehicle. After running the model, I have been facing the above errors.
Could someone help troubleshoot above errors ?
I'm attaching the *.slx file along with the post.
Thanks in advance
Rohan Doijode

Answers (2)

Gautam on 17 May 2020
There is a 'solver configuration' block in Simscape -> Utilities library. You need to add it to any part of your Simscape network in your model.

Sabahat Riaz
Sabahat Riaz on 13 Jan 2022
veh = Vehicle(V)
Abstract classes cannot be instantiated. Class 'Vehicle' defines abstract methods and/or properties.
i am getting this error when running this command on MATLAB usin RVC toolbox . can anyone help?


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