how do you program the file path when you do not know where the person will save the matlab file you send them?

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I have a program that reads in a graphic .tiff file that I saved in the same folder as my matlab program. I have the file path set to the saved folder. When I email my matlab program and graphic file to someone to use, how do I get program to work when I do not know where they will save the files and so do not know the future file path? Here is code section:
%this is where user is shown the diagram picture
fprintf('Look at figure 1 to see your input choices: \n \n');
%read in the picture of the beam and inputs
beamPic = imread('C:\mymatlab\beam.tiff');
%the file path above needs to be changed depending where you save files
%show the beam pictures
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 19 May 2020
I already answered,

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James Tursa
James Tursa on 15 May 2020
If you don't want to write code to search multiple directories to find the files, your code is going to have to ask the user to input the directory.
Rik on 16 May 2020
If you send the files together it is up to the user to not separate them. So I don't really understand what feature you are asking for.
You can retrieve the path of function and see if the tiff file is in that folder. Would that solve it?

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jessupj on 15 May 2020
DIRS = dir('**/beam.tiff'); % gets a structured list of matching files
% ...
% additional criterion here to choose which to pick.
k=1; % assume you want the first match
beamPic = imread( [DIRS(k).folder '/beam.tiff']) % maybe

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 16 May 2020
If sending the source code is okay, then bundle an app
You would use mfilename('fullpath') to find out the name of the .m file, and could then extract the directory part with fileparts()
If you are building a .exe then tell the application compiler to add the file to the executable, and then in the program open it without providing a path. The file will be unbundled into a temporary directory whose name you can get with ctfroot() .


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