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Generating Off-centered IMU readings

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Fs = 100;
% Waypoints and times of arrival.
waypoints = [1 1 1; 3 1 1; 3 0 0; 0 0 0];
t = [1; 5; 10; 15];
% Create trajectory and compute pose.
traj = waypointTrajectory(waypoints, t1, "SampleRate", Fs);
[posVeh, orientVeh, velVeh, accVeh, angvelVeh] = lookupPose(traj,t(1):1/Fs:t(end)); %error in this line
imu = imuSensor("accel-gyro-mag", "SampleRate", Fs);
% IMU at driver's seat.
mountedIMU = imuSensor("accel-gyro-mag", "SampleRate", Fs);
% Position and orientation offset of the vehicle and the mounted IMU.
posVeh2IMU = [2.4 0.5 0.4];
orientVeh2IMU = quaternion([0 0 90], "eulerd", "ZYX", "frame");
% Visualization.
helperPlotIMU(posVeh(1,:), orientVeh(1,:), posVeh2IMU, orientVeh2IMU);
[posIMU, orientIMU, velIMU, accIMU, angvelIMU] = transformMotion(posVeh2IMU,orientVeh2IMU,posVeh, orientVeh, velVeh, accVeh, angvelVeh);
% IMU at vehicle origin.
[accel, gyro, mag] = imu(accVeh, angvelVeh, orientVeh);
% IMU at driver's seat.
[accelMounted, gyroMounted, magMounted] = mountedIMU(accIMU, angvelIMU, orientIMU);
I was trying to use the above Matlab example for generating the off centered IMU readings but the error pops up in the 8th line of the code that says "Cannot access method 'lookupPose' in class 'waypointTrajectory'". I have never encountered an error like this in Matlab hence have no idea on how to debug it. Also, I tried giving the values manually for the following arrays (posVeh,orientVeh,velVeh,etc) the code works till line 19 and stops saying that the function 'helperPlotIMU' and 'transformMotion' are unrecognized which shouldn't be the case as I have the necessary Tool boxes installed on my Laptop.
I have changed few things in the array t as the 'Time of Arrival' Input to the waypointTrajectory Function should start from 0 which is not the case in the example on the Mathworks website as it starts from 1.

Accepted Answer

Harsha Priya Daggubati
Harsha Priya Daggubati on 15 May 2020
I guess this is a shipped example, you can find the livescript code under examples/shared_positioning folder. You can also try using the following command:
Make sure you can run the shipped example without any changes. If this works fine, then your issue might be due to the required helper functions for the example to run are not accessible as you might be copying your code to some other location.
Hope this helps!
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Deep Shah
Deep Shah on 21 May 2020
I was using the previous version of Matlab which is 2019b hence was not able to use the code as it is not available as an example in that version. The code works fine in 2020a.

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