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How can I use Canoncorr correctly? I have an Error!

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Canonical Data
% Load the Data
load ('cancorfile_assignment (1).mat');
%Define the data
data = [amyv antc cerebel vents thalam dlpfc openn consc extrav agree neurot]; %My data is brain structures and personality types
NaNs = sum(isnan(data),2) > 0;
X = data(~NaNs,1:6);
Y = data(~NaNs,7:11);
[A,B,r,U,V,stats] = canoncorr (X,Y)
I have entered this? but I get the error: Error using canoncorr (line 74)
X and Y must have more than one row.?
How do I fix this issue?

Answers (1)

Harsha Priya Daggubati
Harsha Priya Daggubati on 15 May 2020
The inpur arguments X and Y to the method 'canoncorr' should be a n X d matrix, where n is the number of observations and d is for number of variables.
And yes, It is expected for X and Y to have more than one row to perform canonical correlation analysis on the data.
Hope you modify the data as per the requirements and conduct your analysis.


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